2D Artist & Gamer

Who am I?

Foyzul Hassan / Born in Bangladesh, on Wednesday 25th September 1985 / Reside in London, UK

I've been designing professionally for the past 5 years, but I've always been a keen artist since the age of seven. As a designer I like to examine everything that makes design good - from it's concept, meaning and style - anything and everything that makes a design unique.

I also enjoy making games in my spare time, and just as I do with design work, I love to take apart the games I play and examine every aspect of it to understand how the game is ablee to engage users and have them playing 'one last time' as they try to better their high score.

These days I run my town.

Main Specs

  1. Designed in Bangladesh, assembled in London, UK.
  2. Date of first edition: Wednesday 25th September, 1985


Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE9+, IOS4+, Android, windows phone.

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